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During Soshu's career of over 50 years in the Martial Arts he has trained under several notable masters and competed, coached, judged/refereed and instructed throughout the Midwest. His students now continue in karate through out the world. Presently a 10th degree Black Belt and founder of the Kyokushin based "Seishin Ryu Karate Kokusai," he and his organization are affiliated with and hold positions in the United States Karate Association, United States Karate Alliance and the United States Karate Kai, (and world organizations affiliated with them), And The Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association - "SRMAA."

What is Seishin Ryu all about?


Certain philosophical ideals and core values are the heart and soul of our system of Karate - Seishin Ryu. The heritage of traditional karate is ours to preserve, the ideals are essential to our future success.



Perseverance (under pressure), forges the spirit, gives the tenacity, determination and persistence, to strive for continuous improvement and to excellence.



Honor (the code of honor), ensures that we have the courage. . . the moral strength to act with integrity. A commitment to honesty, forthrightness, and individual dignity.



A strong sense of Duty, faithfulness for that given, (parents, Sensei and country) selflessness duty in delivering your best without expectation of reward.



Our mission describes the task we face, the forces we bring to the fight, what we hope to achieve and the medium in which we operate. It is ongoing, enduring and symbolizes our goals that will stand for long periods of time. Seishin Ryu is for everyone, and maintains a strict adherence to tradition. Training Hall Etiquette and philosophical principles underlying karate are taught. These principles achieve a state of mind after ascetic living and serious training, creating a conviction that any difficulty encountered can be adequately responded to. Seishin Ryu encourages the karate-ka to apply these principles in everyday life. As mentioned, Seishin Ryu does not stop at teaching the jitsu but assists and inspires the karate-ka to seek expansion of mental and spiritual power within us all, "cultivating the mind."



Seishin Ryu Karate


Seishin, means many things: Cultivation of the mind, putting ones heart and soul into the effort, sincerely devoting ones self, mentally, physically, spiritually and morally to your art. There are two sayings related to Seishin which reinforces this ideology. "Seishin Tanren," Forging the Spirit, man's attempt for perfection. Strength of character develops through hard training known as "Osu No Seishin," the word OSU comes from Oshishinobu, which means to persevere while under pressure. In other words our motivation to train should not be simply to gain physical strength in order to dominate others, and feed our egos but to keep an open mind, to learn and grow, so that we may become a better person. The goal of Seishin Ryu Karate is to assist each karate-ka in making them stronger, calmer, more focused and integrated individual. The idea is to bring this special attitude of sincerity not only in the dojo but in our whole way of being, our homes, our jobs and our daily lives. This is the essence of Seishin Ryu Karate philosophy.



The Karate-ka is taught not only the Major Art of Seishin Ryu "Karate" with the waza (technique) theory, tradition, history and philosophy, but also Minor Arts or Sub-Arts so that there may have a sound basis (foundation) to build a holistic individual.



Major Art - Karate


History, Philosophy, In/Yo, Proper Breathing, Ki/Kiai, Karate Jitsu, Kata(Theory/Philosophy/Bunkai), Kumitewaza, Kumitejuyi(theory/Philosophy)

Minor Arts


Jujitsu/Judo - Sweeps/Trips/Throws, etc.,Goshindo (Self Defense),Tuite, etc.Pressure Points,Sensitive/Vital), Chokes/Restraints,Grappling, Meditation,Kobudo - Traditional Weapons (Wood, Metal/Chain, Sharp Edged weapons......



Seishin Ryu Karate has a traditional base, meaning that the .History (where the martial arts derived from, which includes old masters, countries, etc.), Philosophies (bases for building a good character and encouraging a positive attitude through a code of honor), and Traditional Ceremonies and Etiquette (proper bowing, where we stand and sit, etc. plus certain ceremonies "Kamiza Shiki," to honor those promoted to yudansha, a show of respect and honor to deserving individuals, etc.), are taught and are as important or more so than the waza or jitsu (techniques).

Okuden - Filtering System


The Traditional aspects (History, Philosophy and The Ceremonies and Etiquette), are the "Filtering System," has been set in place to eliminate the irresponsible, undisciplined and undesirable individual. The "Filtering System," which is the Major Art - that of Karate, is used to modify an individual so the he is disciplined, responsible and acquires patience and perseverance. However the "Filtering System," insures that a individual lacking those attributes, will not learn or get in touch with essence of the system.



The Lineage is essential in that we are able to trace our training back to the original source. So that we know we are dealing with those of knowledge and tradition.

More to come!


In 1997, Soshu founded his own association, "the Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association - SRMAA." The idea behind S.R.M.A.A. (Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association), was to unite all of Soshu's students, past, present, (Locally, Nationally and World Wide) active and inactive, into one organization. S.R.M.A.A. is also to be a "service organization" for those who feel the need. School and Martial Artists who have, in one way or another lost their Instructor and/or Style Head, are discontent with there present organization (fees or practices), or just desire to become part of S.R.M.A.A. S.R.M.A.A. now boasts of members in Canada as well as the United States, with inquiries through out the world.